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•    Brazil is the country with the highest murder rate of transgender people.
•    Chechnya created concentration camps for LGBTQs.
•    Honduras persecutes and kills LGBTQ activists.
•    Homosexuality is still a crime in 73 countries and is sometimes punished by death.
•    Homophobic and transphobic violence takes various forms throughout the world.

Now we have a powerful tool to fight it. On May 17 of 2017, the international day against homophobia, we initiated a global cooperative movement for LGBTQIA rights. [SSEX BBOX] created the #kiss4lgbtqrights campaign to flood social networks with demonstrations of love and diversity, in places where hatred has been the prevailing force.

The idea is simple: take a photo kissing whoever you want, tag the image as being at the site of the protest, and post on Instagram with our hashtag.

The first action took place in Russia at the Kremlin, which prohibits LGBTQ demonstrations in public. With the help the activists and allies, we reached more than 50 million people and generated more than 5,000 photos of kisses. Let’s now replicate the movement in Brazil, in El Salvador, and in Honduras.

But that’s just the beginning. On this page, you can find all the content you need to start your own protest wherever you want. Use, share, participate, and kiss for LGBTQIA rights. This movement is as much yours as it is ours.

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Brazil has the highest number of killings of transgender people in the world. Chechnya has set up a concentration camp for LGBTQs. In Russia the LGBT parade has been banned for 100 years and the penalty for protesting is 5 years in prison; it is also against the law to promote “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations.” In Honduras LGBT activists are persecuted and killed, conservatism is growing in France and throughout Europe, and trans people’s rights are suppressed in the U.S. under the current conservative government. The U.S. recently experienced the worst shooting in its history, when a gay nightclub was targeted in Orlando, Florida. In several African countries, homosexuality is considered a crime, and in three of them it is punished by death. Homophobic and transphobic violence occurs in all regions of the world and ranges from aggressive physical assault to murder – including, perverse practices such as “corrective rape,” in which men rape women considered lesbians under the guise of of curing their homosexuality. Phobia against LGBTQIA+ people is everywhere. It has increased throughout the world and we all need to engage. This year, we created the #Kiss4LGBTQrights campaign to flood social networks with demonstrations of love. In the name of freedom of sexual orientation in Russia, we cannot accept the infringements on the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community that occur there: we need to position ourselves and show the world our love, our diversity, and our way of being, which we know is not criminal.

Everywhere in the world there are LGBTQIA+ people who need our support. They need to see that they can live a full life of freedom, with the ability to actualize and express identity and love.


On May 17 we celebrate, International Day to Combat Homophobia, when the WHO removed the term “homosexuality” from the IADC and declared that homosexuality is neither a disease nor a disorder. However, many countries still do not accept homosexuality, and transsexuality continues to be treated with bias, as if it were a pathology.

The various LGBTQIA+ movements around the world have resisted. However, we must also engage in the field of symbolic performance. We need to move forward and participate. So we invite everyone to this campaign. Share, post, use the hashtag #kiss4LGBTQrights, and get engaged. Thousands of people around the world need us!

On May 17 of 2017, we want to mark this campaign as the beginning of worldwide cooperation for a cause and for mobilization within the community of LGBTQIA+ activists.

We have created an open source digital manifestation platform so that it can be replicated by and for the LGBTQIA+ user community around the world!

#Kiss4LGBTQrights focuses on collaboration between LGBTQIA+ people around the world.

We at [SSEX BBOX] support the healing and leadership of people affected by abuse. We are mobilizing our broader communities in various countries with solidarity, support, and expressions of love and diversity.

This is contrary to the default behavior of campaigners who often do not release their materials because they do not want the materialschanged or copied without authorization. Open Source, on the other hand, relies on the help of third parties to evolve and solve problems. It is a way of democratizing the possibilities of conflict management, participation, and engagement. The focus, in an open source project, is on the dissemination of ideas and it is not about ownership.

The potential of the global LGBTQIA+ community to transform violence and oppression can have impacts we cannot yet imagine! As part of something larger, movements for social justice work to create communities. One day we will have truly safe cities and countries where everyone can exist and prosper without the integrity of their diverse identities being violated. We must engage and envision a new world, built through our unity and a culture of peace.

Text by Helena Vieira
Helena is a trans, transfeminist, Queer Theory researcher. She is a curator of the [SSEX BBOX] website and a columnist for Brasil Post and also ‘Os Entendidos’, a partner blog of Fórum Magazine.

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